Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Dream

My very first dream was to be a horse owner. So when I get the money too... I will buy a horse. But for now I must take lessons and go to my friend's ranch. I have about 1000000000+ books on horses. My best friend and I stay up till' like 1:00 AM talking about wht to do when i do get my horse. I might post some videos of me and my bff on her ranch. I love this horse named Spice. She's a purebred arabian. She's not trained yet, but in a few months their going to start training her :) They said I could be the rider on her :) Because my friend has her OWN horse. OMG I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!! I have 1000000000000+ model horses. I am on the website 24/7 my username is Coldvanilla2 if you wanna message me.... I have been on there for a few years now. I breathe and dream horses thats how much i love them. Go ahead post how much you love horses. Life is like Mangos. It's sticky and sweet.

God bless you all!